Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ok, You Guys Asked for it!

Ok, you guys asked for it...

So... for the last few days I've had a low-grade fever and slight nausea. No diarrhea or anything else. It was starting to take the life out of me, so I described it to my teacher in case he recognized the symptoms. He didn't, but he told the dueña. She gave me some tea that she said would help. It seemed to, but the next day (today) I felt like crap and had yet another fever.

So, back at school I tell the dueña again and she gives me a little cup and tells me to poop in the cup and take it to the sanitarium for analysis. Ha ha, when was the last time you had to poop in a cup?

So I sashay on down to the local sanatorium with a cup full of poop. This is not in my vocabulary yet. To say that I was unsure of what exactly I was doing is an understatement. Well, the sanitarium girl took my cup of poop like it was an everyday occurance, and I guess it is for her, and charged me Q15 (what, $1.05?) for the analysis.

Well, I guess either the thing I had ran its course, or the tea worked, because the analysis came back negative and I felt better afterwards Another mini-adventure...

(no, I didn't take any other pictures, this will have to do, ok? )

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