Friday, February 19, 2010

Inside Tikal - the Start of the Tour

I went in with some other people and hired a guide. My part was Q100 ~ $12.00US.

The tour starts off a little slow, but picks up the pace...

First, pics of signs

A gum tree. At one time all the chewing gum came from these trees, but now it's all artificial.

This is a spiritual tree. The branches support the heavens. The roots, which I forgot to take a picture of, look rather similar. And they represent supporting the earth.

I brightened up this shot so you could see the branches.

I like monkeys

Some blocks. I forget what they're all about. Sorry.



Some kind of ceremonial gathering place. When all of this was described to me, I thought "yeah, I can remember all of this..."

A lot of these blocks were pushed over. During the reconstruction they were cemented back together. Here you can see a relief of a chief dude.

Creepy looking turkeys:

And shiny, too!

A toucan.

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