Friday, February 19, 2010

Pyramids on Tikal

And then... something gigantus in the distance

No, it's only a little shrimpy pyramid, only twice as tall as I am

Since you're deep in the jungle, you don't really appreciate just how large this place is. I started to realize this when we came upon the courtyard. Here, we're in the center of things.

Imagine being King and looking down on all the peons below, wondering who's head you're going to lop off.

The structures that we've seen so far are actually built upon older ruins. At one time archeologist's were dicking around and the floor caved in under them. Instead of getting in trouble for grab-assing, they were honored for discovering new stuff. Here's a big face in the wall. Probably some important (and ugly) guy. I'll bet it scared the crap out of the grab-assers.

Another pre-ruin ruin.

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