Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the Road Again!

I am at the Gran Hotel in Valle Hermosa, just south of Brownsville, Texas. Yay!

Not much to report today, it was just a long, straight slog to the border crossing at Los Indios, Tx.

It was the first time that the guards checked every bag I had. They didn't do a very good job really, but I had to open them all, including the bag that's booby-trapped, meaning, when you open it, all the crap inside explodes outwards The GI felt a little bad about that and thanked me for my cooperation afterwards.

All that Spanish I learned still isn't enough. I'm Lord of the Apes when it comes time to speaking, but we all laugh about it. Well, everybody except the folks at the customs

I took video of the crossing and the town and everything. When I downloaded from the camera to the computer, all the clips were corrupt. The vid camera is my most unreliable piece of equipment.

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