Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tampico to Veracruz

Well, Actually, I'm in Alvarado as I write this.

I have to say, the Gulf side of Mexico is not that exciting. These are just thoughts that have been running through my head as I rode down.

The road to Tampico and beyond is straight and flat and really just an extension of Texas, but with a lot of dirt and dust. I never once felt compelled to stop and do any exploring. This continued to Tuxpan. All of a sudden things got really green and jungley. But it was hard to enjoy the change of scenery because this road is packed. Apparently it's a main artery and it is like the road from town to the coast on 4th of July weekend. About the time traffic starts to pick up speed, it's time for another pueblo with their stupid topes. You can always tell when a town comes because there's about 1/4 of a mile of traffic that is essentially at a stop while everyone goes 1/1000th of a mile per hour over the topes. This is usually where I pass some cars and trucks, but it's hard because there's the same amount of traffic going the other way. You cannot make time in Mexico like you can in the United States. I'm guessing 300 - 350 a day is about it. At least now with the sun setting at 6:00 pm. 350 miles is all I can knock out in 10 hours.

Anyways, things did look up where the road hits the coast just south of Gutierrez Zamora. Apparently this is an area that caters to tourists. The roads are nicely paved and the buildings are clean. A big contrast to the previous 500 miles.

I'd like to know how some folks can find hotels in El Centro! I tried that in Veracruz today. The traffic was so dense, and there is no place to park. You just get swept along. Next thing you know, you have left the area and are on your way to the next town. That's how I ended up in Alvarado today. I'm giving up on cities for now and will go back to the hotels in the small towns. BTW, I'm in an Auto Hotel/Hotel de Paso tonight. Pretty interesting :-)

I wish I had some pics to show, but another characteristic of Mexican roads are that there are no places to pull off, and if there's a shoulder, it's meant to be driven on.

Another thing, you'd better have it in you to be an aggresive rider or these people will absolutely run you over. They will get in your lane, they'll edge you out, they'll pass in your lane and move in front of you with only inches to spare. Twice today I was in a long line of traffic, practically tailgating the car in front of me when the person behind me though it was necessary that *he* be the one tailgating that car and squeezed me out. Phuckers. Driving in Mexico is absolute chaos and anarchy - much worse than Baja or central Mexico. It's no wonder you are fatigued at the end of the day. You have to watch the road condition, you have to watch the traffic behind as closely as the traffic in front, you have to watch for animals, you have to watch for busses and taxis pulling out right in front of you. Even the pedestrians run around like ant on a sugar trail.

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