Saturday, November 28, 2009


Man, I am tired today. I had it in my head to go to the beach, find a nice hotel and lay up for a few days (inspired by Crashmasters pics ). Well, I found an oil refinery, a shipyard, a swamp, and a bunch of topes In the end I admitted defeat and headed back down to Villahermosa. The sun was setting and I had a death wish. The highlight was passing a pickup truck full of Federales at 120 mph (as fast as my poor little 800 will go).

I made it to Villahermosa just about dark time. I figured I would splurge on a nice room with some nice internet. Heh, wrongo again! $950 for the room but there's no wireless. They have internet alright, but it's 10baseT. Who carries a network cable with them anymore? Well, the desk had one for sale for the low low price of only $150p. Screw it, it is easier to steal internet from the neighboring establishment.

Hey, it's a nice place though! (60 second exposure)

This is what a $29 toll gets you:

Hey, I actually found a place to pull over for a pic today; two places, actually!

The bad thing about combat-mode is that I only eat once a day (note the bigass cup of coffee).

My SUPER room, where I am not at, typing this.

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