Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Road to Tampico

Another day of not much to report. It was a long, cold, windy ride to Tampico. When I got here I was pretty tired to so I pulled into a hole in the wall and just kicked back.

To say this hotel is interesting is an understatement. At first I thought I picked a room next to the tracks because it sounded like a freight train rolling by. I went to check it out and it's a concert grade sound system cranking at least 1,000,000 watts on the sidewalk, hawking a taco stand. There's even a strobe light. I should be forgiven for thinking it was a disco. To make matters worse, it's setting off the car alarm in the car next to my bike about every 5 minutes. To put it in perspective, I'm watching The Simpsons (en español) with the TV turned all the way up and I cannot hear it. Wow, I wonder how long this is going to last.

Taco stand on a side street. Got a pic between the strobe flashes.

Some random pics:

Yes, Charley Manson is a wrestler now

A couple shots of downtown Tampico:

Brand new Walmart.

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