Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

Those that ride solo know how your brain works with wandering thoughts and stuff. Sometimes you just need the solitude for something to come together.

The thought that came together for me today was that Mexicans don't waste anything. In the states we throw food in the trash, we buy things we don't need, or worse, don't use. We leave the lights on and the water running - things like that.

But it goes beyond that, too. I was following a pickup truck full of people in the back, going around a curve. There were probably 15 people or so jammed in there so the truck was top-heavy. As I watch the truck go around the curve, I noticed daylight between the inside front wheel and the road. WTF? Here, a Mexican driver was using all the traction. If the road is paved, he will use all of the road. There's no shoulder to stop and park. The shoulder is for driving on! They use all of the power the engine can give them, they use all the brakes available. And of course they try to use all the space in the pickup bed. They use all of the watts the sound system can produce. I can iterate more, and I did as I was thinking this today, but I won't list them all here, of course. It made me respect the Mexicans more.

Ok, I'm done thinking for the day.

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