Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!

My new fuel gauge that was just replaced on recall now has a mind of its own. I'm back to judging my fuel level by the odometer. I knew I should have kept the old, working one. Hey, it did 14,000 miles trouble free This one only made it what, 1,400 miles?

One of my radiator hoses is leaking. I have fluid all over the side of the bike. Good thing I'm cooling my jets for awhile. Time for some maintenance.

And, at the entrace to the hotel where I'm at now, I overshot the pulloff on the really busy main road, so I backed it in, but I dropped the back wheel into a hole and dropped the bike. I could not lift it back up, but a passerby helped me lift it. I almost dropped again immediately since the wheel was still partway in the hole. What a mess. Now my newly repaired gammy leg is aching.

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