Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Pants Smell Like Ass

I told this story tonight to mototrex, crashmaster and kevin and realized I didn't tell it here.

There was part of the ride where it was raining, Portland-style, and I was behind a tractor-trailer laboring up a winding hill in the jungle. I stayed far enough away to not get sprayed by the trailer tires, but at some point he slowed down abruptly, probably dropping into a lower gear. Next thing I know I'm right up his ass and the trailer tires are kicking up the road spray. Except, right at this point was an exit road from some ranch or something and the road had cow poo all over it. Now I do. Note to self, when you have cow poo mist on your face shield, don't try to wipe it off, you'll only make it worse.

Anyway, everytime after that that I came to a stop, I could smell the cow poo on my suit (of course it stopped raining right after that and didn't wash it off).

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