Sunday, December 6, 2009

¡Breaking News from Panajachel!

We spent the day on a lake tour and while we were gone, the townspeople burned one man alive and tried to burn 3 more. We tried to get up there but the people around us told us to stay here because the military are up there throwing CS bombs in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

Apparently there were 4 people who were attempting to extort local businesses for monthly payout in exchance for letting them live. Typical Mafia-style extortion. The problem is, the indigious people here don't put up with that crap and take matters into their own hands.

The criminals were caught and the people poured gasoline on one person, the leader, and set him on fire. After he was finished being a Frito Bandito, they turned to the other three. At this time the police came in to disperse the crowd and get the last three. The rumour going around at this moment is that the police and especially the police chief are in on it (the locals label the police here as corrupt). Because of that the Army is coming in to take control.

Sadly, the only photographic evidence I have is the picture of the helicopter

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  1. <span>Not completely accurate. there were lots of rumors about what was happening, many different stories. Here a blog from a local Panajachel community member with some more information of what happened in December 2009</span>