Saturday, December 12, 2009

Xela, Guatemala

I'm now in Xela, Guatemala looking for a Spanish School. I'll hunker down here for a little while, so there won't be much more added to this RR for a bit. Patience, my minions

I'm at the Hotel America. It's right off the main square. I got it because it had secure parking, but otherwise I don't care for it. I walked by a much nicer place later called Hotel Real Virginia. I'll try to give the coords when I get to the GPS. Sweet rooms, secure parking, internet, hot water. Q125/night. 11 Avinida 8-11 Zona 1. Quetzaltenango.

Xela is actually a pretty cool place. I see the occasional gringo, but that is it. There are hardly any vendors and otherwise seems like a larger, more modern version of Antigua. I think I like it here so far.

It looks like I'm going to CBA Spanish Language School, 12 Avenida 8-21, Zona 1. I was fairly impressed with the tour of the place.

That's all I can think of for now. I know, not very exciting.

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