Saturday, December 12, 2009

More News from Panajachel

Got up this morning, dressed and ready to head out to Antigua when we heard that Frito Bandito's body was still in the square, so I headed on up to take a look. I was too late as they were already cleaning up. If you look closely you can still see the glass on the ground and garbage from where they tried to break into the police headquarters. I got separated from the rest of the guys though and missed taking my own pics of the burned out cars though. Those will eventually show up on Mototrex's RR though.

I'm in Antigua now and surprisingly, nobody here has heard of what went on down there.

For those that can read Spanish:

Tried to sneak a photo but in the end just simply asked. They had no problem with it

Same here:

Police headquarters. See the broken out windows?

BTW, something similar has happened last week in San Marcos. Someone shot a bus driver and they burned 4 people to death.

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