Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nuestros Amigos

Whats up!!!! Arno nice meeting you last night !!! was great what a coincidence !!! well we ride OK Antigua to the city is great night road in this time of the year we ride it twice a week late at night Antigua is a great place to go (only 45KM from the city ) and grab a bite and have a beer , well nice that we find you there let me know if Kevin and Jeff want me to take them to Honduras on Friday you can come along I will take you guys back roads all paved and nice views and great ride let me know if you guys are on so we can arranged !!!!! regards !!!!!

What's happening, Guateadventure!

It was great meeting and talking with you guys last night. Too bad the cops ran us all off and you had to go back. We could have talked all night

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