Friday, December 18, 2009

A Day of Chaos at the Market

My Spanish class's activity for today was to go out to San Francisco de Alto to the huge market they have out there. I figured the market would be interesting, but I was most interested in going out there on the Chickenbus. "You don't say 'pollobus'?" Nope, you actually say "Chickenbus". Awesome.

Walking to the chickenbus:

Getting on the chickenbus

Out driver kind of seemed like he was recovering from a night of crack or something. He was kind of spastic and jerky. Our bus had a fine sound system and our driver made sure that we could hear every note that was played.

Mi profesor:

This is only a small sign of the chaos to come:


Yes, out driver decided he didn't want to wait in traffic, so he went up the oncoming traffic lane and forced his way back in at the end.

Next stop, at the market.

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