Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanks for the kind words on the video. I have hours and hours and hours and when I go through it I think "nobody's going to like any of this crap" so I try to pick some kind of theme. Eh, I dunno

I payd 4 2 weeks of skool , but I'm listening to some of the students here who just blow me away and they've been here for only 4, 5 and 6 weeks. So, I'll do my two and the probably another two and probably at the same place. But the place is pretty amazing. A girl from Germany, a guy from France, an Asian, the US, etc, and we're all trying to communicate with the only real common language; español, with random words from out native tongue thrown in. In having a conversation with the German girl for example, it's common for all three languages to be used in each and every sentence. It's a crackup. Yeah, I'm liking this place

I hear you on not speaking español with the cops. I won't forget how to butcher the language, for sure.

Cool, thanks for the offer, Gringacho

The view from the top of the school building, looking across to the center of town:

The student body and faculty

Señor Dorkus Malorkus himself

This is pretty much where my bike will live for the next two weeks. No need to ride, here.

another pic of the campus

Here, I'm standing in front of the school, looking back across town. The Esso station is a landmark.

And this is the actual school from the street.

This is a picture, for those that haven't been keeping up.

First thing in the morning, looking across town.

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