Saturday, September 12, 2009

Arno at Work in his New Job…

I was digging around my smugmug photo collection of a few short trips that Arno and I have taken together. I think you’re going to find his photography is most excellent as he really gets into it…

The work environment sure is tough!

I always like someone who’s willing to get a little dirty and who really gets into their work!

Darth Vader machine… Mad Max Stealth… whatever you call the look, Arno and his bike has it!

Here’s his prior off road machine, always on the edge, but not nearly so Darth…

Yes, Arno is always hard at work bringing us his very finest work!

Yep, Oscar, uh – I mean Arno cuts a mean profile... A real Chick magnet there!

You have to admit that his Darth Vader BMW 800GS fits Arno a lot better than his old toy. Somehow that’s just not menacing enough… for a photog guy covered in tattoos!

But his hard work and creativity pays off with some pretty neat perspectives…

I’m really looking forward to seeing what great photos we can get on this trip!

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – From the Beginning:

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  1. Okay.  Umm...yup.  Arno riding the Huskie does generate a Darth riding a Ewok kinda image.  I much prefer the Spec Ops meets Mad Max look.