Monday, September 7, 2009

Great People, Thanks Jeri!

(posted by Nate on behalf of Arno)

So I get a PM from Sweet Jeri inviting me over for a place to crash if I find myself in Denver. Yeah!

(no, it's not what you think ) We meet up at some other FF's place for beer and yakking, and that's where I'm posting this from right now.

Jeri, thanks for the invitation, and June and Michael, thanks for putting me up Where else but the ADV community will total strangers let total weirdos (from another planet) spend the night, unguarded? Awesome!

Jeri's Dream Bike is right there, bugs (freshly murdered) and everything

Ok, I have no smart-ass comment for this pic. I'm just going to look at it for awhile

Thanks for the invitation, Jeri, you're a real sweetheart. I hope our paths cross again sometime

You can still smoke in restaurants in Wyoming. Awesome.

Here's a shot of a view that just struck me as I saw it. The colors are totally not coming across as when it was happening, but I had a brief moment when it moved me.

Massive windfarms Wyoming just like in Oregon and Washington.

I'm not ready to sign off for the day yet until I express my gratitude to everybody who has gone to the blog and clicked an ad. The statistics are amazing!

I'm certainly not going to get rich from this, but to give you an idea, so far, from the time we started the RR, thanks to your clicking, I either have a couple of extra tanks of gas, or, a round or two when I might need to get myself out of trouble in some strange bar south of the border when, in Spanish, what I say, is not what I mean.

This is so awesome and beyond my expections. I really, really appreciate it. Where's the big HUG icon?


Thank you received on ADV in response to Arno from June and Micheal:

Pleasure having you. Enjoy the ride.

Someday we'll say we knew him when...


  1. <span>I think that's awesome, thanks Jeri!!</span>

  2. YAY for ad clicks!!!!  Busy doing just that this morning :)

    Great reports so far Arnado!!!

  3. I am not sure how you ended up on WY, but it sure is perty. 

  4. The wind farms: just sayin', but, well, we kinda tend to point all of our little fan thingies in the same direction . . .

  5. BTW . . . thought you were going to quit smokin', and carbs, and coffee, and . . . ;)