Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 3: Just Past Amarillo

Not all that much has happened today. I started the day with LiteWait's great coffee and hit the road. I got onto Hwy 287 and I think I'm still on 287 8 hours later!

The heat and the cross and head winds were oppressing and it was wearing me down. I guess it showed because I hardly talked to anyone today.

I talked to a WWII vet today. He was selling peaches on the side of the road. I stupidly forgot to take a picture.

At this gas station I met an enthusiastic rider. He had stuff to do though; he is on his way to scatter his bro's ashes in Jackson Hole, WY.

Ride on, Brother.

Once again, I had my head up my ass. Eastern Colorado might as well be the Arizona desert if you don't pay attention to the mileage and the gas station locations. For reference, my tank holds 4.2 gallons.

Let's see what tomorrow brings. I still have about 300 miles to get to Dallas


  1. Whoa, close one!  Bet you were sweatin' bullets there for awhile....

  2. Dude!  That's the kind of shit I pull!  doesn't your fancy bike tell you how far you have to go?  you are a math whiz right?  :)   ;)

  3. Okay, so, I'm slow but I'm picking up on the theme of this trip and drrags posts: "Dudes.  Seriously!  Right there in the middle of the road -- a whole flying saucer full of aliens.  Yeah, I know, right?  I'm just riding along, and poof!  Yeah.  Right in front me! And they all looked just like Jessica Simson . . ."

    I stupidly forgot to take a picture.

    High-tech BMW ride, dialed in to within nanocantseeemmeters, and there's not a "take picture of interesting stuff" button . . . like, maybe next to the handy-dandy, "Dude, shall I calculate how much further you can ride on fumes" button? ;-)