Monday, September 7, 2009

Chapter 2 - Or How Cool is That?

(this is Nate posting on behalf of Arno...)

All I'm doing is minding my own business. I don't want any trouble, really! I figure the small gas station in the middle of BFE should be a safe place to avoid trouble, right? WRONGO! ("wrongo", that's spanish, right?)

Here's what trouble looks like:

But sometimes even trouble needs some help, and here's his muse, John:

"Dude, we can blow up his bike, really!" "No, let's just take it! He's too stupid to know it's even gone, hurry!"

I'm scared of these guys, but I'm playing along just so they won't hurt me

What a trip running into you FF's in a remote location at the same exact time. Awesome!


  1. What are the odds of running into those guys in the middle of nowhere???  Funny!  8-)

  2. :)   Following the Arno School of Spanish . . . if "drinko" means "anything with alcohol", then "wrongo" has to be correct.