Sunday, September 20, 2009

Arno = MacGyver?

So, MacGyver/Arno set the pump assembly down and took a picture. You can see the float on the right side. Note that there is no fuel screen attached to the bottom of the pump assembly, there is supposed to be one:

He pulled out just the small pump. We tested it by hooking up 12 volts directly to it, nothing whatsoever...

He then took the pump entirely apart. The motor was jammed as were the lines coming out of the pump:

He cleaned everything out and put it back together. Ran like a champ when we tested it, now we had to get the screen back on so that it would stay on. It was as loose as anything and would fall right off, so we got a stainless clamp and got it to fit the screen securely on the bottom - better than new.

That's the way the assembly should have looked.

Now, to put it into the bike and see if it'll start. We'll need to get fresh fuel of course... fingers are crossed.

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