Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wild West

Wild West Honda, that is.

I hit the road for Marfa this morning but I ended up at Wild West Honda to get some work done on the bike if they could accomodate me. Surprisingly and happily they could. Since I needed to get the valves adjusted anyway, they told me I had to let the bike cool all the way down - 5 hours would do. No biggie at all as I was grateful they could see me on such short notice. I'm not used to that!

So, I spent most of the day wiling away the hours. I've already had a video camera failure - more on that later, that I tried to fix, but mostly I just sat around drinking coffee like the unemployed slob that I am.

Anyway, I can't say enough about how rockin' Wild West Honda is (yes, they work on BMW's and sell BMW's, too - I guess that makes them a BMW, also ). What a great bunch of folks. Every one that I talked to were cool as hell. They didn't mind me asking questions or taking pics. They didn't forbid me from entering the work area or restrict me to certain areas and I even had free access to the head where I drained to pot of coffee they provided. This has to be one of the best dealerships I've ever set foot in. If any of you guys (pictured below) read this, thanks again for your hospitality

Service Manager dude (remember, I can't remember names - not even one second after hearing it)

Parts dude whom I pestered a lot

Ok, not only can't I remember names, but apparently job titles either

The mechanic dude who fixed my ailing baby. Serious and professional

Bad wire. Bad BAD wire. You're going to bed without your supper. Apparently the last guy to work on this bike didn't properly place this wire.

Hey, where's my bikes clothes?

Well, some of it is here. Good god, what a pile of crap I'm dragging along

And now it's the end of the day and I'm back at SheepShagger's. Let's give it a go again tomorrow.

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