Friday, September 11, 2009

Zumo meet Nuvi, Nuvi meet Arno's Weapon of Mass Destruction...

Nate posting on behalf of Arno...

Scooter1942 had PM'd me to go out for a beer and I was looking forward to it.

My GPS was starting to get a little flakey earlier on so I printed out the directions just in case. Sure enough, the GPS bit it big time, randomly scrolling through different maps and indifferent to whatever spot on the screen you touched.

I tried to make it, but, between the thunderstorm, the water on my faceshield, the water on my glasses, the water on the mapcase, the ink running from the water that leaked in, I gave up and stopped by a Target store to buy a cheapo GPS just to get me to the bar. Well, dammit, you needed to charge it up first. I couldn't see asking Scooter1942 to wait any longer, so I called him up and cancelled. Scooter1942, sorry man, really.

But at least I got to talk to another kind and patient person at Target

I got the Garmin 205 for two reasons: it was the cheapest one, on sale to boot, and the screen size is physically the same as the Zumo. I had hopes of transplanting the Nuvi screen to the Zumo screen. They were physically the same but the connector was different. Bummer! Dusty, you didn't just see what I did to that new Nuvi

So what do you do with a non-functioning and non-turning-off Zumo? Make it a platform for the Nuvi. Hope it doesn't rain!

Next stop: Houston.


  1. Nice mounting job dude ;)   And why were you so mean to that brandy-new GPS? 

    I have been hearing about the weather down there - sounds nasty!!  Stay safe and all that :)

  2. I'm a music gal, so I've decided I'm going to try and do my part by sharing a tune a day, inspired by what you share with here it goes
    Go it by
    This guy just played my place a couple of weeks ago and I don't know why but this made me think of this song