Monday, September 14, 2009

Nate's Day #2...

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Made it to the little town of Los Lunas, NM, about 20 minutes south of Albuquerque. It was about a 740 mile day, and I did it after about only 4 hours of sleep. Needless to say, I'm pretty tired and will try to get time tomorrow for some pics.

I did get pulled over by a nice Colorado State Trooper who just wanted to give me a remedial math lesson... I don't know, something about how 80 is not equal to 65. Obviously he didn't go to the same math school as the boys on Wall Street!

All I heard was, "blah, blah, blah..."

No, seriously, this guy was very nice, very professional, and I believe had good intentions - wish more were like him. Of course I am trying to do all the right things like taking off my helmet, keeping my hands on top of my tank bag, calling him "sir" a lot, while not pressing my nose up and calling him an oinker, asking him who pays his salary, etc.

I also make sure I pull out my airline pilot's license along with my driver's license, that way I can prove that I have a license to fly this thing!

Pics tomorrow, I'm not sure I got any that are worthy, but we'll see. I'm meeting a reader in El Paso, Tx. tomorrow for lunch and should make Marfa sometime in the afternoon... to meet up with gay disco scooter man!


(referring to the picture posted on ADV)

Hey Arno... nice look on the scooter! I'm guessing that was right after the Disco closed for the night? I don't know, ELITE scooter, that says, WAIT! I know, it says "GAY." It was the matching white shoes to go along with the white scooter that cinched it!


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Nate....looks like Arno had some equipment issues and had to make a last minute change - but is looking forward to seeing you shortly.


  1. Get on your bad motorscooter and ride Arnado!! ;)

    Hope that you rode away from the cop meetup without any extra paper to carry Nate :)    Glad day #2 was successful - now go sleep!

  2. Hold up, I think the retro Arno pic caused a defensive cereberal reboot . . .

    Nate, man, but, that route looks so flat, and level, and stuff -- only 740.  Really?  ;-) 

    . . . Arno!!  You had hair -- AND it was red?!? lol  So, that's not really the Harley you've always talked about, right?  And "The Breakfast Club" story: that was just a movie reference, right?

  3. Funny you two!  Yeah, I'd been wondering about all that Harley talk... now we know! =-O

    No extra paper, he let me go!

  4. My butt aches just thinking about 740 miles on a bike, I must be a wimp or my bike is lame.

  5. The good seat makes ALL the difference!  Well worth every penny and I don't say that about much.  Yeah, it's still a lot of sitting, but much better.  Also, the Adventure eats miles up and spits them out.  It's comfortable cruising 80 or 90 and will do it all day long.  Going more than 300 miles on a tank means less stops too.  It's pretty comfortable for a bike, love that machine - it'll keep up with a sport bike even in the corners and yet it'll go off road and is comfortable and reliable.  Love it.

    Okay, BMW owes me big for that endoresment!  :-P