Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Down and out - AR NO bones left to break?

Hey guys... because we were behind we decided to take the most direct route to Los Mochis and bypass the traditional Copper Canyon sightseeing. We were thinking it would get us to the coast and heading south.

We got about 40 or 50 miles beyond the pavement when Arno took a spill on a downhill switchback and got his left leg tangled up in his pannier. Yes, it's broken, just above his left ankle.

We had a GRUELING ride getting Arno out. We almost hired a truck, but he thoght after a couple hours of me running around to villages looking for a doc that he could make an attempt. I mentioned going back to Creel, but he wanted to press on (it would appear that the larger weight bearing bone is in tact as he can hobble around and get on/off his bike and is actually more comfortable on than off). But we were going so slow that we didn't make Choix like we thought and we got trapped by approaching thunderstorms and darkness. We were whipped, exhausted, and way overheated when we managed to get a villager's covered porch to sleep on and wait out the storm and night. Actually quite the experience, will post about it once I get time.

Anyway, it took us 3 more hours this morning of difficult riding to get to asphalt and we are now at the Best Western in Los Mochis, Arno is exhausted and fell asleep w/his clothes on.

His bike is still a problem (fuel pump sucking air when fuel low causing it to cut out), now getting his leg attended is a problem, he's conceeded defeat for the trip as his leg is definately broken.

We've decided to get back to the States, not sure how Arno's going to do it, his problem is that if he sees a doctor here he'll be put in a cast and won't be able to ride his bike out. So we're probably going to set off for Tucson tomorrow. The other option for him is to fly him home and ship his bike. Not sure which is more painful for him, lol. He is otherwise healthy and fine (other than cranky) but obviously needs to make sure the bone is properly set.

So, I'll let him update you about him. I'll post all the details and pics later - bottom line is that it looks like the trip isn't going to continue from here...

Thanks again for everyone's support...



  1. Very sorry to read this news .. but I know you'll work it all out.

    Heal quickly Arno

  2. Sorry guys, I know that's gotta be extremely disappointing! I'll miss the updates!

  3. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Dude - if there's anything B or I can do, let me know!  Please tell me that this is not the same leg you broke last time!

  4. Oh man that is so disappointing.  I feel very sorry for you guys.  I have been living vicariously through your trip and looked forward to your updates and stories.  I hope Arno`s leg is not as bad as it sounds. 
    Heal fast and be safe.

  5. Oh Arno!  I'm so sorry - you too Nate - how sad for the both of you. 

    Hope the ride back isn't as painful as I imagine.  Heal fast dude!

  6. My comments keep being deleted for some reason.  I'll post again.

    Bummer!  I hope all goes well from here but it's too bad your trip is being cut way short.  I guess we'll be getting market updates from you Nate much sooner than we expected.

    Be well

  7. Thanks for the sentiment all...

    I made it back home safely...

  8. Welcome home Nate.  Maybe you can complete the planned journey some day.  Hope so.

    Onlooker aka Nathan as you'd know me.