Friday, September 18, 2009

Nope, we didn't make it to Creel at all today, but we did have some weather and muddy roads.

Since Swill is so out-classing me with the photos, I'll just post the few I took and concentrate on the vids.

Here's a couple of guys that gravitated to us this morning as we were packing to leave. My brain hurt only a little so far, trying to hablo. I think Swill has their names

We stopped at an intersection in the boonies, trying to verify that we were going in the right direction. These guys were cool, and they told us where to go. Lot's of hand-waving and gestulating. The two guys on the right spoke damm near perfect english. Me gusta los mexicanos! Everyone seems so eager to help and are (almost) always super friendly.

Grand vistas abound. Looking on a map only, you might think the road to Creel is a boring desert wasteland. You'd be wrong. It was endless awesome scenary.

Ok, which one of you naughty ff's did this?

I know Swirly has a lot mo better pics from here, but here's mine.

While Swirly was off prancing about in the forest looking for a waterfall, I hung around the parking lot and talked a whole heap with this guy. It was about an hours worth of spanish on my part. It made my whole brain swell by the time it was over. It even hurt a little, too. Dammit, I wish I could remember his name. Anyway, he and his friend were from Chihuahua. Way cool guy.

I talked briefly with this guy. The other guy crossed paths with this guy about an hour earlier. Look closely at his bike

Burros are everywhere! There are definitely enough burros, cows, horses, trucks, people, rocks, etc everywhere and anywhere so you don't go haulin' ass anywhere you damm well please. Constant caution is the word here.

Oh, btw, the last half of the day consisted of thunderstorms, lots of rain, hail, lightning, wet gloves, etc. We only made it as far as San Juanito when we simply called it a day. Creel is still distant. Tomorrow? Who knows. You sure don't make time like you think you would down here.

Ok, that's all I got for now. Time to work on a vid or two.

Thanks y'all for tagging along!

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