Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chapter 1 - Escape from Portland!

I actually managed to get a full nights worth of sleep! I woke up around 7:30 am and double and triple checked everything (in the pouring rain) and finally, I was ready to go.

My friend and landlord, Brian, see's me off and wishes me the best :-) Thanks for the coffee, dude!

At my first rest stop, I met a guy and a gal in a van, getting ready to do some hiking with their dogs. The dogs were going to pull their own weight with their own little backpacks. He rides a BMW GT and she rides an RT. I wish I could remember their names and I made my first mistake by not taking a picture.

My next stop I was visited by a group of very enthusiastic young adults who were on their way to hike in the Wallawas (sp). Very cool! I could have spent an hour with them.

Breakfast at the dinner hour at a truck stop in Idaho allowed me to meet this person. I was happy that having to deal with rotten bitches and bastards, and feral brats hasn't dampened her warm spirit, compassion and sense of humor. I suspect it wouldn't have taken much to talk her into getting her bike and following me to South America :-) I even got a hug - my first for the trip!

At my next stop I met this fellow. After discussing how to make money on the road, he invited me to join in with what he does - Identity Theft Protection. It probably won't work for me once I hit the border. His business is

This is what is so great about a trip like this - everyone you meet is unique. I never get tired of it.

Yes, I ask the names of the people I meet, and yes, I forget instantaneously. My apologies to all!

Anyway, I done and calling it a night in Trementon, Utah. More tomorrow!


  1. Its hard to tell if its Nate or Arno posting, how do I know?
    I am a friend of Kirstin and I think your adventure is going to be awesome.  If I met you both on the road, I would talk your ears off, LOL, enjoy!

  2. Hey Dawn... That is Arno's post, you can tell by looking at the bottom of the post, it says, "posted by DRRAGS."  That's Arno's screen name, I'm boring and just use Nate.

    Hey Arno, get a small note pad, I'll bring one with, I have the same memory problem, it's called CRS (can't remember...).

  3. BTW, both Arno and I are not able to post to ADV this morning... we're trying and have emails into the administrator.


  4. Yo dude!!!  Glad the first day went well!  This will be my first net stop each morning, so you need to amuse me daily now that you're not here :-) 

  5. Hey guys - you now have a link to the blog from one of my friend's websites in Canada!!!

  6. <span style="font-family: Times; ">
    <div style="color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; background-image: initial; background-repeat: initial; background-attachment: initial; -webkit-background-clip: initial; -webkit-background-origin: initial; background-color: #ffffff; background-position: initial initial; margin: 8px;">
    <p style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">Hey guys. I'm Kirstin's friend Nat from Canada and I own the Elmdale House tavern. I will be encouraging my friends and patrons to visit your blog and "click" the google ads to help fund your travel adventure! Looking forward to reading all bout it.
    <p style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">Cheers, Nat

  7. Hey guys I'm Nat, Kirstin's friend from Ottawa Canada and I own The Elmdale House tavern. I will be encouraging my friends and patrons to "click" daily to help fund your travel adventure. Looking forward to reading all about it, cheers, Nat

  8. Right on, Nat... We'll have to come by on our next trip to Canada, eh?  Oh and hopefully any riders passing through will stop by to patronage your place too!  All the best to you, and thanks,  Nate!