Friday, September 11, 2009

Tires on, Bike's ready...

Nice job on that Nuvi... Ahhh, remind me not to let you work on my bike! LOL

Getting close to time for me and I'm basically ready. Went up to Seattle today to get the TKCs pulled off the bike and put on my new Tourances. Met my daughter, Taylor, for breakfast, last time I'll see her until I get back!

Tires cost $257 total shipped, and I spent $75 for mount and balance at Valentine's in Ballard on Aurora Ave. That's $332 for the set versus the $450 plus sales tax at a dealer - glad I got them changed before I left!

The TKCs I took off the bike only had 2,500 miles on them and I'm not sure the rear would have made it a thousand miles... most likely would not have made Albuquerque, again am glad I changed them now versus later. And it's sooo nice having a smooth tire again! Yes, I like smooth when I'm on the road. I don't mind it rough off the road, but smooth, please, when on it.

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